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You are your child’s first teacher and the person who knows the very most about your child. The first three years of life is full of exciting milestones like your child’s first steps and first words. Once potty training is established it seems we fast forward to when will they learn to read!

What is the Trick to Raising Readers?

As our preschool children grow, they gain functional independence but becoming a reader is not an independent act. Children need to learn new words and concepts through spoken language and books. Research confirms that books introduce more complex sentence structure and descriptive vocabulary than conversations of college age students. Furthermore, there is empirical data proving that children read to a minimum of an hour a day for the first five years will have an easier time lifting words off the page without effort than children who have not had as much exposure to read aloud.

As parents, we just know this instinctually, yet every child is different. Some will sit for books while others resist. The simplest bit of advice I can give you as the parent of a young child is this: Reading to your children is not about making time but making a difference. Reading to your child is the best way to learn the relationship between spoken words and printed text, plus it builds loving, trusting bonds.

How Can You Know You Are Doing Everything Possible to Raise Readers?

Reading is a complex, cognitive task that requires explicit, sequential teaching. Letter sound correspondence and decoding (sounding out) is not sufficient to reveal the complexity of the process. English language requires three years explicit, sequential training to build literacy foundations and fluency. I will be offering Parent Workshops to support your understanding of how to prepare your child for the reading process at home, in preschool and elementary. I will also be offering Focus Groups to help you gain insight on how to optimize your child’s Montessori preschool experience, including “Raising Readers: Building the Heart and Mind for Reading.”

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