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Support For Teachers

Teaching is tough. Good teachers can make it look easy, but every teacher understands the stress of managing a classroom of children with many different abilities, needs and personalities. Just like being a doctor or any other skilled professional, teaching is a practice that takes trial, error and continued study. The science of reading research continues to evolve as we understand more about how the brain develops and children learn best. My goal is to use my thirty years plus teaching experience along with my Advanced Literacy degree to help other teachers in the classroom.

Montessori Mentoring & Coaching Services

Sometimes we as teachers feel like we are working so hard to stay afloat in the day to day of our classrooms that we barely have time to come up for air. I know that feeling. That is why I feel so strongly about supporting other teachers with mentoring and coaching services. I see my role as a teacher mentor as being your personal trainer for your classroom!

During my many years in the classroom, I have often sought out other teachers for their perspective and advice. I believe I can help you grow as a teacher and improve your classroom environment. The services I can bring to you or your school for a day or the week will be crafted for your specific needs.

Assistance and Benefits I Can Bring to You Individually or to Your School as a Workshop

  • Classroom observations and after-school coaching sessions.
  • Assess classroom shelves and cultivate curriculum enhancements.
  • Align language shelves with reading science and state literacy standards.
  • Targeted activities for children needing remedial support or enrichment.
  • Screening and assessing progress in the primary child.
  • Physical flow specialist to capitalize square footage with energy flow, minimize congestion and maximize floor plan to increase productivity.
  • Seasonal shelf changes month by month transformations.
  • Classroom management tips and tweaks.
  • Social emotional curriculum development.
  • Parent conference preparation to leverage partnership and support.
  • Observe student behavior and assist with problem solving.

If you are interested in in personal teacher mentoring or training for your school, please contact me for further details.