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Welcome to Reading Relations

Literacy is the tool we use as humans to find one another, so it must belong to everyone.” ~ Pam Allyn

Welcome to Reading Relations, a place where my passion for learning and teaching has evolved into a calling to help children learn to read. I believe all children can unlock the mystery of reading. I am Toni Norton and I am a progressive Montessori teacher, Academic Language Therapist in practice and a mother of two. Reading Relations is the result of my thirty years of teaching experience coupled with an insatiable desire to build the young heart and mind with foundations of oral and written language, enhanced by my master’s degree in Education specializing in Advanced Literacy.

Growing Readers

How do we motivate today’s child to learn to read when so many other distractions like video games and television compete for their attention? Why do some children struggle more than others? How do we make reading a joy instead of a chore for our children? And why is it important to help our children become skillful readers?

Educator Maria Montessori believed that the development of language is part of the development of personality. Without words we cannot express our thoughts and create understanding between people. Helping our children develop language skills is an essential component of developing healthy and happy adults in the future.

I Can Help Children Become Better Readers

How do I help your child? I offer a summer literacy camp, as well as individual evaluation and tutoring. Children learn best when they are having fun and feel appreciated for their individuality. I use all the knowledge in my background to help your child feel useful and capable of the tasks put before them.

How do I help you, the parent? I offer parent consultations specifically designed to answer parent’s questions and give parents the tools to support their children as they develop into proficient readers.

How do I help other teachers? I offer teacher camps as well as Montessori consultation and support. I can help other teachers maximize active learning and engagement in their classrooms based on my own teaching experiences.

Contact Me

Whether you are a parent with a struggling reader, or a teacher needing support, please feel free to contact me. Together we can cultivate confidence, literacy connections, and competent readers and writers.